Laurence Verhaert

Designer from

Laurence loves creative thinking. A marketing professional during the day, with a passion for craftsmanship. You could describe her as a passionate traveler, too. Her first limited edition shoes, Nomads, was inspired by several Nomad tribes. Laurence is also founder of Sjosuur.

With a marketing background, a passion for shoe design and the utmost respect for craftsmanship, it seemed an obvious choice for Laurence Verhaert to found Sjosuur. She managed to find a way for European shoe designers and craftsmen to show their skills and creativity under one brand. 

“It’s not always easy for emerging shoe designers to penetrate the market and introduce a fresh take on shoe design. That’s why I founded Sjosuur, where I combine my marketing background with a passion for design and the utmost respect for the craftsmanship.”   

Limited editions designed by Laurence Verhaert

4 shoes with eye-catching, hand-stitched sole.
3 comfy shoes that are really too cool.


€ 355,00


€ 325,00


€ 360,00


€ 319,00