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The limited edition Song of the Sea of Silvia Negrisolo consists of a high heel sandal and a small bootie.


€ 245,00

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Shoe design inspiration

The unique click sounds of whales are truly a source of inspiration.
Their tranquil and yet clear message is something Silvia wants to translate in a wearable design.
Design of the high heel sandal.
Silvia's inspiration: whales and their tale.

“I'd like to think that my designs echo the elegance of chanting whales. Every step made is one step closer to harmony. ” —
Silvia Negrisolo


The craftsman: Lorenza Rigato

Italian expert of vegetable tanned leather.

The craftsman: Massimo Vignando

Italian shoemaker. He has developed the concept of making high-quality boots from braided soles.

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